Where Smartphones Hold Us Back

If you read my post about¬†social media in our modern society, you would know that I don’t see the concept of social media as black and white. It has its place here and when used in the most effective way possible, it can be extremely beneficial and entertaining.

Problems arise when something inside of a boundary oversteps the line. Where technology is concerned, it’s a problem when our attention to our cell phones is put in place of our attention to human interaction. Smartphones have, to an extent, disrupted our in-person interactions¬†and bonding opportune moments with one another. We rely on TV to entertain us and our guests more than sitting down and enjoying hours of great conversation and discussions. Sometimes, you find that you can have a room full of people and nobody is talking to each other because everybody is too deeply engaged in their technological World to look up. They are too busy reviewing their social media status. Over the course of this popularity growth, we have seen social skills take a dive. It becomes that much harder to bond with our surroundings without the technological third wheel.


What we have here is a classic case of good things being taken for granted. Whether we are aware of this happening or not, our relationships with our smartphones are holding us back from expanding our relationships with other human being.

Cell phones have their place, they have their advantages, and certainly have their benefits. The trick is to knowing where, what, and when to assert said “pro’s”.

“Don’t make time for people who don’t make time for you.”

Have you ever been able to have a full uninterrupted conversation with somebody with a smartphone going off and you or the other person are checking it? Have you ever really paid attention to your emotional level when that happens? Unless you’re on emergency standby for a family member, it’s rude to be on your phone when you’re in the company of anybody else. Plain. And. Simple.

Is it really that important to be scrolling through your Instagram when you have somebody trying to talk with you? How do you feel when you are excited to partake in a great conversation with somebody and they don’t give you quality attention? They tell you with their actions, “whatever is on my phone can’t wait and it’s more important than you.”
Isn’t that mean? It hurts people’s feelings.

Your friends didn’t take time to hangout with you or go do something eventful just to have you obsessively looking at your phone. Where does your value stand in the eyes of your friends and family, the more you disregard their personal company? Do you think you’ll always be the first one called going forward? “Nah man. Don’t call them. What’s it matter? They’re just gonna be on their phone the whole time anyway. Let’s invite somebody who will actually hangout with us.”

Hanging out is not defined by simply giving your physical presence. Giving somebody your time and your company is so much more than being physically present. When you give them your mental presence and your emotional presence, you’re telling them you appreciate their time. You respect them as a person. You enjoy their company. You genuinely like to be around them for the energy they have and the feeling of comfort they give you.


“Those who mind, don’t matter
and those who matter,
won’t mind.”