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Ditching the Daily Routine for Vacation


I recently got back from an eight day trip to my home-state, visiting family and friends, and watching two soccer games. It was amazing to see everyone I did, although, there is never enough time in the World to see everyone, because there is a huge list of people I still would have absolutely loved to see.

Going all around Salt Lake, laughing, seeing friends, hanging out with family, eating and making some great memories; I was lucky to have gotten the chance to run, walk, ride my bike one last time, and hike.

What I didn’t do however was: finish my plank challenge, squat circuit challenge, drink nearly enough water, read any of my book, or write in my diary once.

If it wasn’t for the cardio I did everyday, I would have completely disregarded my entire fitness and nutrition routine. There is no excuse why I didn’t write, read, or drink water.

That brings me to our topic today.
What is it about vacations that influence us to go off our routine almost entirely?

 For the majority of us, something happens to us when we start moving in the sight of vacation. Our lazy alter-ego takes over and prevails in our convincing that we don’t need to worry because we are on vacation. As if for the entire time we are away from home, our bodies won’t store a single cell of fatty tissue and our other fulfillments will take care of themselves, while we pretend like our being is on a real break from life.

That’s when it happens. We selectively forget that a good diet keeps us balanced and happy because… that brownie just looks way too good. We don’t want to pay for x amount of days at the local gym because to us, it’s just not worth it and for some reason, we don’t even consider a home workout or jogging outside. There’s more than necessary excuses as to why we can’t do a home workout other than, “I am here on vacation. I don’t want to work. I don’t want to think. I just want to relax”.

We push our routine away from us. We deny the voice inside that says, “Hey… You know you should be getting in some form of exercise right now. You know you will regret this if you don’t.”

Then we wonder why we feel like a bag of sand when we get back home to our bed. We unload our bags, put away our souvenirs and look in the mirror in disgust. “I don’t think I stopped eating the entire time.” Where does the “I’M FULL!” signal go when we forget our routine? Down with the hobbies and the email checking and appropriate water intake.


 Falling off my daily routine wagon confused my body, my mind, and my motivation. Only today, I started my routine again. I woke up early and got fresh and clean. I sang happy birthday to my boyfriend with candles on his favorite treat and got ready for work. I am off this afternoon and looking forward to the workout I have planned for myself as well as my dog while my Birthday Hunk is down at work for the big match today. I have been spending the last three days catching up in my diary as well as keeping track of any new events or thoughts that have passed since the days, to add them in as well. I unpacked my bags and did all the laundry in the house and cleaned and swept and today is the first day where my “vacation brain” is woken up. Cogs are turning again! I thank my boyfriend for taking on the role of permanent accountabilibuddy, because without him, getting back into my routine would be challenging against myself.

So when you recognize where you’ve fallen off your wagon, what steps do you take to get back on?

Where do you turn? Who do you turn to? How do you keep yourself inspired?


This is something we could print off and keep with us on our travels! I found this on google, and as what I’ve learned from it, other than being one of the more popular searches for “Getting back on Track” in the images section, this list of 10 is one of the most reposted, redesigned piece of advice for people. Why? 

Because it works.

When you don’t know where to turn to get back on track, start with the mirror.
Talking to ourselves in the mirror is extremely powerful. When we can visit with ourselves in the mirror and remind ourselves how far we’ve come on our health and our hobbies, it is the fire starter we need to push our spirits into the path of greatness!

Don’t get stuck with “vacation brain” and let yourself sink into a slump of laziness. Don’t be so disappointed with yourself that your bad week turns into a bad month. You worked so hard for what you have accomplished and now isn’t the time to deny that! (Is there ever a good time to deny that?)  And don’t ever be afraid to call upon your trusted accountabilibuddies!! That’s what they are there for. To reinvigorate the spark for your fire and help you see what you love the most. They are there to remember your why when you forget it.

We aren’t perfect beings, but we can do our best everyday to keep doing what makes us happy. And after all is said and done, happiness is the closest to perfection as the “perfect” illusion can get. And if you’re happy, then that’s good enough.

 So when you ditch your routine while you vacation and you come back home and the Real World life sets back in, don’t freak out and don’t lose hope and everything else you worked for! Remember why you made your routine, a routine in the first place, and go from there. Use your resources and take some time to zen and think, and even consider if your vacation is one that inspired you to change your routine. (because sometimes that happens too)

Stay strong! Keep the inspiration up and the doubt low! It’s okay to take full blown vacation, but settling back into a routine is not only comforting, but necessary for our sanity ūüėČ

Have any other suggestions on how to get back into your daily regimen? Post your thoughts and comments in the section below and thanks for getting involved! Your words matter ūüôā 


Money VS Meaning

Let me just give it you frank:

Being disrespected by an employer for the sake of receiving a paycheck, is comparable to staying in an abusive relationship out of the fear of being alone.

There comes a moment in everyone’s lives, when you have to put your foot down and say, “I am not okay with being treated like this!” followed by walking away from the situation. Carrying your dignity in one hand and self honor in the other.


I quit my job yesterday. What I did, was what I love. Working with animals is part of my purpose. It’s what makes me happy among the other passions in my life I hold. Who I did it for,¬†was not what I loved.¬†Allowing somebody to mistreat you is telling yourself that you deserve to be treated that way. Allowing somebody to call you names for no reason, insult your personality, and abuse your loyalty is telling yourself that you don’t matter.

Granted, even our dream job will haves waves of turmoil or frustrations through the moments of sunshine. Every job gives you an opportunity to ask yourself, “Is this turmoil worth it all?” If the answer is yes, congratulations! You’re right where you need to be in your journey. If the answer is no, you may want to start looking up new employment that will give you equal income sustainability, if not more; and shiploads more happiness.

It’s okay to stick up for yourself, no matter who it is speaking to you in a way that you don’t like. It’s okay to set boundaries of respect and tell your boss or owner of the company, “You know, that’s not okay with me. Please don’t speak to me in that way. That’s a line crosser for me” Warning once is good. It shows that you know where you stand with yourself and you are unafraid to stand your ground. Believe it or not, people in authority like this characteristics among their staff. It shows them that they have strong-willed staff. Some employers become threatened by a strong personality, and if that’s the case, what are you doing working for someone who isn’t secure within themselves? Respect by way of Fear is not how you and a team gain success. It’s not okay to deplete your own body to the point of exhaustion for someone else’s personal goals over your own. It’s not okay to diminish your own core morals and beliefs so someone else can rise and you stay in the same place, if you’re lucky. And it is not okay to be treated outside of being a human being by another, regardless of it being your boss; even if that boss is family.


Making an income is extremely important¬†and most of the time, we have our best interest at heart when we say “I am going to work here until I can go to _______”. Well, now you’ve been in the same position for over five years and you work with people you dislike and your boss treats you like crud.¬†And while you’re sitting in your workplace, working to live, daydreaming about what you could be doing for work, about what you want to invent, about what you truly would rather be doing right now. Feel your heartbeat. Notice your happiness levels? You can feel like that every single day and make your daydream a reality by working on¬†it, one step at a time. Fifteen minutes go by, and your boss’ presence snaps you back into reality. You shake your head and tell yourself “I don’t even know why I’m bothering. But one day, I will get out of here.”
I just have one question for you.


EXACTLY WHEN, were you going to believe in your dream again?

That’s the issue we’re facing globally. Fighting about hierarchies of class, money, and power. Saying “I can’t do this because I don’t make enough. (even though I work over 60 hours a week, and that’s¬†including overtime).” Telling yourself that it’s too risky to quit your job and get started on your dream. Reminding yourself of all the ways your dream will probably fail. And worst of all, listening to the people who don’t even believe in you!

Excuse my French, but what kind of crap is that? 

Every employer needs employees; that goes without saying. If you choose to settle for anything less than your dream, I hope to God that you’re at least passionate about what you do.

Take for example, The Office, on TV. They live, love, and fight like a family. They’ve all worked together for so long that they remain employed because it’s comfortable, regardless of their everyday surroundings. It pays the bills. It’s consistent. Plus, Michael Scott is a pretty hilarious boss, although entirely irresponsible and a possible reason for high blood pressure. But, how many of them do you see get excited when they tell the camera man that they’re going to probably work for Dunder Mifflin Paper Company forever? One.¬†Dwight K. Schrute. He loves paper. He loves sales. Other than Schrute’s Family Beet Farm, he lives¬†to sell paper to his clients. He does anything for his boss and for his company because his heart is in it. Everyone else will end up miserable, but Dwight has so much passion and purpose for the paper industry, that Jim’s pranks are nearly flies across the windshield to him. They won’t ever be a big enough to quit.

How many of you see yourselves as Toby’s? Your boss has a blatant distaste for you and makes sure you know that every single day. Your boss takes you for granted and harasses you, belittles you from clock in to clock out, and lives to embarrass you and give you a hard time. You do nothing on the outside. Your insides boil up with every glare and every comment. WHY ARE YOU STILL WORKING THERE? Do you really believe you have no other option? THERE IS ALWAYS ANOTHER OPTION.

How many of you are Angelia’s? You go to work everyday hating everybody you work with so much that you don’t¬†care¬†what you say to them. You’re rude and it doesn’t ruin your sleeping habits. You have a yearning to bond with the people of your workplace because they’re not your cats, but you’re just not willing to accept that other people believe in different things than you. At least cats can’t really disagree with you. Nobody cares to be around you, because your unpredictable moods have produced a warning sign across your forehead.

Whether you’re the person who is bullied at work, or you’re the person bullying; those are gianormous signs that you are not in the right place of employment. You can do so much better for yourself and you can make such a better impact on this World.

Nobody’s purpose is to develop depression, anxiety, and self-loathing by working for a person or a company that does not serve you respect or happiness. Whether you chase your dreams or settle, always know and believe that not one person in this World is meant to dread their work.¬†


  • What kind of attitude do you bring with you to work?
  • Does your attitude help you or hurt you on your journey to success?
  • Is your attitude and journey taking you to where you want to be?
  • Do you feel respected at your job?
  • Is where you are right now with your employment a job or a career?
  • If it’s a career, are you still passionate about it?
  • Have you established yourself among a healthy environment that pushes each other to be the best you can be?
  • If it’s a job, is it still giving you want you wanted?
  • Is it still a stepping stone towards your dream?
  • Have you been using your downtime to work on what it is you wish to create?
  • Why are you still waiting? Why are you still putting it off?
  • If you are miserable, how many times have you had the discussion with yourself?
  • If you’re miserable, why aren’t you doing anything about it?¬†


So get yourself one hell of a mattress, one hell of a work placement, and always bask in the moment. 

I wish you all, the utmost happiness in your lives.

Suffering For A Cause

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Crying, pouting, and digging your own grave,¬†should not be a part of suffering, necessarily. Suffering is a beautiful thing if you let it be. Suffering helps us learn something new about ourselves and our surroundings. From said lessons, we are able to grow and share our insights to those who are stepping into the suffrage from whence we just came.

Paying it forward is a beautiful thing.

I suffered, yes indeed. I didn’t just suffer, but I¬†conquered Lent.

Veni, Vidi, Vici !

Through 46 days of shaking hands,¬†eye googling drool dripping out of the corners of my mouth for all the things I¬†want¬†– I made it out alive.¬†Noticing every eye twitch, every palm sweat, and most importantly, every time I said “I don’t need that,” followed by the action of walking away; I discovered and accepted a new strength I didn’t before, allow myself the credit of having.

As was said in¬†Lent It Out¬†“You too, hold the power within!” I took my words very seriously as I let them permanently place themselves in my post. I harnessed my personal power in the times I felt weak and bored.

For the amount I would have spent if I had given into the things I wanted vs the things I needed, I would have spent a grand total of $2,749.

Instead, spending the money on the stuff I needed, I was able to split the cost of groceries without a worry, never fear how I was going to gas up my Xterra, got my dog her big bag of dog food, and was able to pay off $1,152 of debt. Let me tell you – as a 23 year old, that is a big deal. Paying off debts without accruing any new debts is important and strikes me as one of the most important priorities a person can have.

It’s a struggle to overcome an old habit. I would be lying if I said I didn’t put my accountibilibuddies to use. They got called. They snapped me out of it when moments got rough (or when things got cute).

I made a vow by this Lent, that not only shall I control my wallet and temptations, but I will successfully break through the barrier of my weakened need of materialistic fulfillment!

My things don’t make me who I am.
This processes was one of trust and commitment. And every year I do it, I will be reminded, that life is always a work in progress, and our attachments contain our suffering.

To break free from attachment is to obtain freedom.
To gain strength outside of attachment is to achieve power.
To suffer for a cause, is to find meaning behind the reason. 

Lent It Out.




For those of you who don’t know what Ash Wednesday is. It’s the first day of Lent. Lent is known in the Western Christianity communities as a ritual of fasting for 46 days. That is forty days of fasting, if the 6 Sundays (which are not days of fast) are excluded.
Traditionally, it’s a fasting of meat.
As culture has expanded and grown it’s become an acceptable place in Lent to confess the weakness of temptations you’ve been having regarding a certain habit, weakness, or judgement you’ve held on to and can’t seem to get control over.
It’s a time of acknowledgement and spiritual growth, as well as a compromise to the power and control you’ve been lacking to this “thing”

Some people give up fast food for Lent, some give up alcohol, some give up junk food, some give up soda, some make Lent a time for developing a new habit like: instead of feeling bored and sitting and doing nothing, I am going to spend 30 minutes each day walking through the neighborhood and getting fresh air, 

or, instead of doing busy work I am going to spend 15 minutes a day on that project I have been putting off.

Which is also a great time to start, if throughout the rest of the year you don’t do things like self evaluations or 30 day challenges.

This year for Lent, I decided to spend money only on the things I absolutely need.

So that hair trim and extra bottle of Green Tea from the store? Nope.
That frosting & baked delicious looking dog treat from the store for my dog? Ney.
That rug online that is 80% off and would be perfect in the living room? No way.
Those Sorels winter boots with the fur and tread on the bottom? Ohhhh no.

So far, if I would have bought the things I would normally carelessly spend money on, thinking that money grows on the tree outside of my building, I would have spent $472, and Lent only started on February 18th.
And because I am only buying things I absolutely need, I have enough food to make healthy meals every morning, every lunch, and everynight. I have paid off $205 so far of debt and will have enough to cover my bills and gas from driving, and suddenly…..
I am noticing how much pickier I am becoming with my spending.

“Is that really worth $80 or can I probably find that somewhere else for a lot cheaper?”
“Spring is almost here…. do I really need a new coat this year or have the ones I’ve been wearing work just fine?”

Granted, the living room is unfurnished. But Danny’s been in pre-seaon traveling since the middle of January and I’ve been working almost everyday since I moved here. So, neither of us have really been home long enough to decide how to decorate or what we need first. Yes, we need a couch. Yes, we will need some lamps, due to the electric in the living room light that doesn’t work. And yes, we will need a bookshelf to get all of our books off the floor. But those will come.

For those of you who have any debts or bad spending habits in general, ask yourself, do you really WANT that item or do you really NEED that item?
Close your eyes and imagine that item in your life right now and imagine your bank account. Can you honestly make that purchase without risking not having enough for another financial obligation? WHY do you want or need this item? HOW is this going to impact your life?

Another thing you can do, is try putting the money you would have normally spent on that “wanted item” into your savings account or a savings envelope. Title it “money spent” and commit to only ADDING money to it. At the end of the month (or Lent in my case), take a look at the envelope or savings account and see how much money you have that otherwise, you would not if you gave in and spent spent spent on things you want want want.

Our mind too easily confuses our wants and needs. And because we are a nation with a focus on unfortunate and unnecessary consumerism and capitalism, we begin to believe that we really do NEED the superficial and materialistic items in our lives in order to stay alive and stay noticed. Or you emotionally shop and it turns you into a shopaholic.

I fall into that last category. And that’s why I am taking the Lent now.

Like alcoholics and AA. I was an awfully scary shopaholic for years. Spending a disgusting amount of money everyday on everything I wanted, just because I had the money and I could. All Cash. When you run on nothing but Cash, it goes fast. I got myself into a shopping rehab. SA I call it – Shopaholics Anonymous. I needed a support system. I needed coping skills. When I got a trigger of any emotion that caused me to spend money, I needed somewhere or someone I could get in touch with immediately. I didn’t walk into a mall for one year. I learned about thrift shops and second hand stores (which turns out, I now love more than paying $300 for a table that looks exactly the same). It was hard. I had to treat it like an addiction to take it seriously, and in many ways it was.

I still shop when I absolutely can and even then, if I allow myself a “shopping spree” it now comes once or twice a year, instead of everyday. If I need furniture, I look at as many different resources as I can before I make a healthy decision on where I purchase it from and why I need it and I know that when I spend the money on it, my bank account will not be hindered. Because I prepare now.
I have traded furniture with friends, clothing swapped with friends and family, and have inherited many cool pieces of furniture given away by strangers and neighbors and friends alike and have been able to give away cool pieces of furniture myself.

Lent is allowing me to regroup and give myself a little slapping reminder to “keep it together woman!”


With this fist, I raise it in the air and regain my personal power!


Lent or no lent.
Christian or Atheist,

YOU TOO, Hold the Power Within to take back the control over your personal weaknesses and desires. The things you want to do or be better at, but for one reason or another, give into doing the complete opposite.

Remember, that everything great comes in moderation and even too much of a good thing is unhealthy.

And for whatever your weakness or habit you want to change, all it takes is acknowledgement, a series of rhetorical questions to how it became created, a support group of accountibilibuddies, and of course, a written down plan of action.

No flower blooms at the same pace. But they do bloom.

The Weak Duckling

My boyfriend lives in an apartment complex with two large duck ponds. Extremely beautiful with islands and fountains and Grandmother Willow trees laying above, gently dropping the leaves off her branches and floating freely around the freely swimming, interacting ducks and geese.

Whenever I sleep at his house, I love waking up and taking all of the old bread we can find, and walking down to feed the ducks in the sunlight. To me, there is nothing more peaceful. It’s a true joy for me to watch as the ducks interact and swim and talk to each other. The way they communicate is like a playground of kindergarten students. Filled with rules and courtesy’s that adults cannot possibly understand. ¬† I get lost when I watch this swimming community. I think to myself what they could possibly be saying and what they could possibly be laughing at with each other. There were these two that must have been playing tag, swimming and quacking and nipping each other in the butt feathers. Did you know ducks could play tag?

I could watch these ducks forever. I love everything about them. They influence my thinking to compare their actions and reactions to humans. How similar we handle conflict, games, and loved ones. How there are always more popular ducks swimming around us, more powerful ducks, weaker ducks. The only difference between us and ducks is that we are in a different form; a different species. Also, just happened to be more civilized.

However, today is unsurprisingly no different than the other mornings in comparing the ducks to the world I see myself. This day, as Devan and I walked from the smaller duck pond with the island in it, over to the larger duck pond with the giant fountain in it, I came across a silent duck.

This poor ducky was just standing on the top rock in the grass, opening its mouth and trying to scream. He kept trying and was mustering up all of the power in his tiny duck body and non-stop pouring everything he had into his vocal cords. Nothing came out. I could feel his pain. I could feel the duck’s frustration and sadness. “Why can’t I make noise?? Why can’t I scream?? Where is my voice?! Why isn’t this working?!?!” I could only imagine the things he was thinking to himself.
I was frozen and just staring at this duck. It didn’t even flinch the closer I got. It wouldn’t eat the bread I was offering. I could have picked it up, it barely moved when I would touch its back and feel the feathers. I couldn’t help but frown in sadness at this lonely body. Devan warned me the other ducks would probably kill it. Surely, but slowly, the small duck found the water and jumped in the pond. Next to the geese and the other ducks. Not even five minutes in the water and two other ducks nipped the silent one in the neck! They reached around and bit him! He kept opening his mouth, watching and feeling the NOTHINGNESS come out and ALL the ducks surrounding him were looking confused! They were probably thinking, “Who is this¬†impostor? Fake duck! Not real! Can’t even quack! Is this real??”

“Ashlyn, that’s just how it is. That’s a weak duck. The other ducks will bite it and it will probably die. Don’t be sad. It’s the circle of life. Weak things don’t survive in the wild. That’s life.” Devan just seemed such a man about it. I’m just a girl. I name animals and inanimate objects like cars, purses, and shoes. I put emotion into everything that comes out of my mouth.

So as we walked away, I started thinking about the situation and the ducks and life and how it connects to me and why I was thinking about it so much. It had to click eventually. Which it did. Just now. I realized, just like the duck, without a voice, WE WILL DIE. We will lose so many luxuries. Without a voice, we allow others to pick on us and control us and everything we do. Silence IS the enemy! The strongest ducks in the pond had the loudest quack and the ability to control the situations.
Now, don’t be loud, because that could just cause you to sound obnoxious. But be HEARD. Be SMART. Be daring. Say what is on your mind. Speak your thoughts! Bring them to life! Share your ideas and FEAR NOTHING!¬†


Lose your voice and you too, shall end up like the weak duckling in the pond that was just too big for him.