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One Session Will Never Be a Cure-All

First off, there are quite a bit of known misconceptions about how the treatment plan of Massage Therapy works. Today we are going to be discussing the concept of session length, and why massage is not a one-session cure all like many people think. As massage therapy continues to grow in the Healthcare industry, more and more people are beginning to learn and understand the physiological benefits, on top of the relaxation factor; which is a big deal in the US, considering we have the longest work hour week and lowest amount of paid days off than any other country. Needless to say, getting a soothing massage to relax is just as important as any other medical necessity. It’s been the main reputation maker of massage in North America for the last forty years, but slowly breaking out of the ‘luxury’ word association and giving people more of a reason to get on the table instead of seeing massage as just a luxury.


Massage should be seen as a regular upkeep on one’s health preventative maintenance. Our goal is to help you stay out of the doctor’s office for reasons other than broken bones or serious illnesses, etc. Massage and everything it comes with, is a lifestyle.

For those of you who get your one massage a year, or leap year, and always ask to get bone-deep work on your x, y, and/or z knot….. stop doing that to yourself! Please! You are only worsening the issue.

Contrary to the common uneducated and more importantly, uncorrected belief, a therapist should not sit back and start digging into your muscle compartments, just because they want you as a client and because you sound adamant about what you want. They should not let you tell them that you believe the more painful it is the better it will be, even though you don’t get regular bodywork, and they should not be determined to fix your problems.

1.WE DO NOT FIX, we facilitate the body’s innate abilities to heal itself. We provide for you, tools and resources you will need in order to maintain your good health-standing in between sessions in order to get you on comfortable and effective habitual journey to living a pain-free life. 

2.YOUR THERAPIST SHOULD BE EDUCATING YOU when you have that first session with them. When you request for them to go in so deep and to make it painful because you think that pain is the only way you have formed to believe change will be created, you are wrong on multiple levels.


I don’t want you to be wrong. I don’t want to be right. I want you to be educated and I want to share my knowledge with you. You deserve to know what we know. You aren’t just a client, you are a human being with an obligation to take care of your body in every way you possibly can and you have only been taught that massage makes you feel better. Nobody ever expects to leave a session with homework, but they come in expecting to be fixed. But how will you grow and become more aware and have your issues fixed if you are not doing your part? We want you to grow. We aren’t here to be a crutch, but instead, to be a helping guide. Our duty is to work with you. We help you during sessions, we enlighten you on what our observations and insights are, and we ask you intuitive questions that we believe will further help us get to the root cause and continue building a healthy and productive protocol that properly outlines a treatment program.

The key word here is program. Think of this like an exercise regimen. We do not go to the gym or buy the P90X home videos and workout one time and gain the results we are looking for. We have to make a commitment to the workout program. We have to discipline ourselves and make time in our busy lives to dedicate to our health every. single. day.

When you make massage a part of your life, you adopt a mindset of optimal healthy living throughout every day. You vow to become more aware of your lifestyle habits – like eating better and developing a more creative, colorful, and nourishable diet; taking care of your posture by allowing your body to be comfortable in ergonomic positions (like the positions it was made to be comfortable in); and lastly, your mental habits of thoughts! When you are living a healthy lifestyle and getting professional massage relief from your injuries, dysfunctions, and ailments, you are taking back command of your life!

Homework is another super important part to this whole thing: you should be having more than one session, because your therapist should be clearly outlining a perspective with you, while giving you resources and tools (like stretches and exercises to research, re-patterning techniques, postural awareness tools, and even some fun facts about the body) to use at home in between sessions. Homework is what keeps you accountable and motivated to get out of pain. Homework given and homework done is a body more able, more flexible, and more durable than it was a session before.

One massage therapy session will never be a cure-all to your injuries or dysfunctions or stress, but you can make a positive difference towards your health journey by making the most of the information your therapist gives you, and applying it to the fullest.


Happy Healing,


Money VS Meaning

Let me just give it you frank:

Being disrespected by an employer for the sake of receiving a paycheck, is comparable to staying in an abusive relationship out of the fear of being alone.

There comes a moment in everyone’s lives, when you have to put your foot down and say, “I am not okay with being treated like this!” followed by walking away from the situation. Carrying your dignity in one hand and self honor in the other.


I quit my job yesterday. What I did, was what I love. Working with animals is part of my purpose. It’s what makes me happy among the other passions in my life I hold. Who I did it for, was not what I loved. Allowing somebody to mistreat you is telling yourself that you deserve to be treated that way. Allowing somebody to call you names for no reason, insult your personality, and abuse your loyalty is telling yourself that you don’t matter.

Granted, even our dream job will haves waves of turmoil or frustrations through the moments of sunshine. Every job gives you an opportunity to ask yourself, “Is this turmoil worth it all?” If the answer is yes, congratulations! You’re right where you need to be in your journey. If the answer is no, you may want to start looking up new employment that will give you equal income sustainability, if not more; and shiploads more happiness.

It’s okay to stick up for yourself, no matter who it is speaking to you in a way that you don’t like. It’s okay to set boundaries of respect and tell your boss or owner of the company, “You know, that’s not okay with me. Please don’t speak to me in that way. That’s a line crosser for me” Warning once is good. It shows that you know where you stand with yourself and you are unafraid to stand your ground. Believe it or not, people in authority like this characteristics among their staff. It shows them that they have strong-willed staff. Some employers become threatened by a strong personality, and if that’s the case, what are you doing working for someone who isn’t secure within themselves? Respect by way of Fear is not how you and a team gain success. It’s not okay to deplete your own body to the point of exhaustion for someone else’s personal goals over your own. It’s not okay to diminish your own core morals and beliefs so someone else can rise and you stay in the same place, if you’re lucky. And it is not okay to be treated outside of being a human being by another, regardless of it being your boss; even if that boss is family.


Making an income is extremely important and most of the time, we have our best interest at heart when we say “I am going to work here until I can go to _______”. Well, now you’ve been in the same position for over five years and you work with people you dislike and your boss treats you like crud. And while you’re sitting in your workplace, working to live, daydreaming about what you could be doing for work, about what you want to invent, about what you truly would rather be doing right now. Feel your heartbeat. Notice your happiness levels? You can feel like that every single day and make your daydream a reality by working on it, one step at a time. Fifteen minutes go by, and your boss’ presence snaps you back into reality. You shake your head and tell yourself “I don’t even know why I’m bothering. But one day, I will get out of here.”
I just have one question for you.


EXACTLY WHEN, were you going to believe in your dream again?

That’s the issue we’re facing globally. Fighting about hierarchies of class, money, and power. Saying “I can’t do this because I don’t make enough. (even though I work over 60 hours a week, and that’s including overtime).” Telling yourself that it’s too risky to quit your job and get started on your dream. Reminding yourself of all the ways your dream will probably fail. And worst of all, listening to the people who don’t even believe in you!

Excuse my French, but what kind of crap is that? 

Every employer needs employees; that goes without saying. If you choose to settle for anything less than your dream, I hope to God that you’re at least passionate about what you do.

Take for example, The Office, on TV. They live, love, and fight like a family. They’ve all worked together for so long that they remain employed because it’s comfortable, regardless of their everyday surroundings. It pays the bills. It’s consistent. Plus, Michael Scott is a pretty hilarious boss, although entirely irresponsible and a possible reason for high blood pressure. But, how many of them do you see get excited when they tell the camera man that they’re going to probably work for Dunder Mifflin Paper Company forever? One. Dwight K. Schrute. He loves paper. He loves sales. Other than Schrute’s Family Beet Farm, he lives to sell paper to his clients. He does anything for his boss and for his company because his heart is in it. Everyone else will end up miserable, but Dwight has so much passion and purpose for the paper industry, that Jim’s pranks are nearly flies across the windshield to him. They won’t ever be a big enough to quit.

How many of you see yourselves as Toby’s? Your boss has a blatant distaste for you and makes sure you know that every single day. Your boss takes you for granted and harasses you, belittles you from clock in to clock out, and lives to embarrass you and give you a hard time. You do nothing on the outside. Your insides boil up with every glare and every comment. WHY ARE YOU STILL WORKING THERE? Do you really believe you have no other option? THERE IS ALWAYS ANOTHER OPTION.

How many of you are Angelia’s? You go to work everyday hating everybody you work with so much that you don’t care what you say to them. You’re rude and it doesn’t ruin your sleeping habits. You have a yearning to bond with the people of your workplace because they’re not your cats, but you’re just not willing to accept that other people believe in different things than you. At least cats can’t really disagree with you. Nobody cares to be around you, because your unpredictable moods have produced a warning sign across your forehead.

Whether you’re the person who is bullied at work, or you’re the person bullying; those are gianormous signs that you are not in the right place of employment. You can do so much better for yourself and you can make such a better impact on this World.

Nobody’s purpose is to develop depression, anxiety, and self-loathing by working for a person or a company that does not serve you respect or happiness. Whether you chase your dreams or settle, always know and believe that not one person in this World is meant to dread their work. 


  • What kind of attitude do you bring with you to work?
  • Does your attitude help you or hurt you on your journey to success?
  • Is your attitude and journey taking you to where you want to be?
  • Do you feel respected at your job?
  • Is where you are right now with your employment a job or a career?
  • If it’s a career, are you still passionate about it?
  • Have you established yourself among a healthy environment that pushes each other to be the best you can be?
  • If it’s a job, is it still giving you want you wanted?
  • Is it still a stepping stone towards your dream?
  • Have you been using your downtime to work on what it is you wish to create?
  • Why are you still waiting? Why are you still putting it off?
  • If you are miserable, how many times have you had the discussion with yourself?
  • If you’re miserable, why aren’t you doing anything about it? 


So get yourself one hell of a mattress, one hell of a work placement, and always bask in the moment. 

I wish you all, the utmost happiness in your lives.

My spill.


In the last couple weeks, I have fully mended the outer personality of myself that others have long known and the inner alter-ego I have inside of me. Everyone, I believe, has one. We have all been raised a certain way, are familiar with a certain lifestyle, but there is something inside of us that is a completely opposite person. No, I’m not talking about split personalities here. I am talking about our yang. Someone we have always wanted to be, but are maybe scared to start being that person, worried that it’s too much of a change from who we have always been. I have always been a slacker. I have always been the class clown, the dumb brunette, the loud mouth who says foolish things. I have never been the one boys flock to, for the reasons worth flocking. I have never been the leader. In the past couple years, I have so desperately wanted to be the tall, happy, confident, definite person. I just couldn’t break the habit of breaking the rules and the law all the time. I was in such a habit  of it, I didn’t even have to try. It just came natural. I hated this. But I tried to change so dramatically, too fast. I became one person around my family and another around my friends. I lied to people, because I guess, in truth, I had completely lost touch with myself. I couldn’t give someone an accurate description of me, because I didn’t  know who I was anymore. I did things I never wanted to do. Hurt people I never intended on hurting.


One great thing about being in China, is that I have absolutely no physical connection with anyone. I am grateful for that. I needed this time to figure out who I really was. Do I like to party and drink? Or do I not? Do I like to sit home on the weekends sometimes and just finish reading a book? Do I like working out or like to be lazy? Do I love writing or can I put it off? Do I like to be defiant to make a point, or can I be happy obeying the law?
All these questions swarmed my head. There are some things I just couldn’t stop thinking about. Things I finally confronted to myself and why I did them.
Why I liked them. Why I despised the decision I made.

This is what I learned:

I learned that you can’t base your decision off other people’s opinions. No matter how much you love them and respect them. Ultimately, you have to do what you want to do or what is right for you. You don’t owe anybody around you any justification for your actions. You talked the talked and walked the walked. Whatever you do in a lifetime is done and whether people like it or not, that is their opinion and they do not own you.

I realized, “So what? I like to party. I like to have a drink once in a while. I love wine. I don’t think marijuana is a big deal. I love getting piercings and tattoos and spending money on jewelry and traveling. I love to dance, whether in front of people or alone. I will strive to have a job where I enjoy my time there. I don’t think I will ever have a desk job. I like waking up and deciding I want to leave for 3-10 days on a road trip with my friends, just to hangout with other friends in other states. My relationships are important to me, and I will be damned if having $100 in my bank account stops me from going anywhere.” I am an ambivert. Sometimes I like to be the life of the party. Sometimes, I have way too much to drink and I wobble when I walk. Sometimes I am the sober driver who takes one smell of liquor and gags. Sometimes I realize how ridiculous I must look when I wobble.

But I am young. I don’t need to have it all together right this second. I am 20 years old and I still have the choice to make small mistakes like waking up with a hangover on a Sunday afternoon or getting a tattoo I will have the joy in telling the story about for years to come. “Oh yeah, I met the singer of one of my favorite bands. He autographed my favorite freckle by my right breast and the next day after school I went and got it tattooed.” Yep, I am that girl. And I am proud to be that girl.

Sometimes I am a walking contradiction, like how this post must sound. I must sound like I really don’t have the grasp on life, but the truth is: I do. Maybe I don’t have a clue what life should look like in your eyes, or the President’s eyes, or even my own mother’s. But that’s the beauty of the mind. It’s your own. It develops and grows from the lessons you learn, the ideas you construct, and the experiences you endure. You get the free range of creativity that you want and your mind is the one place where you cannot hide from.

I like art, but I can barely draw a stick figure wearing clothes. I love cultures and languages, but can’t keep a conversation going in Spanish or Chinese. I love panini’s from Zupa’s and as much as I would love to make my own, I would rather spend the overpriced seven dollars and have them make it to perfection because they use the perfect about of pesto sauce in between the layers of bread. There are things in life where I am not trying to rush the beauty of. I will learn how to create pictures of art when I am ready. I think in pictures.  I don’t know what it’s like to hear something and see WORDS in my head. I just never have. Everything in my head, I see very detailed and colorful, moving pictures. Like a movie. I suppose that’s why I have always loved writing. It’s the one place I have always been able to describe what I am thinking. I definitely consider myself a better writer than I am a thinker. I like to write and create pictures for other people to imagine, because for me, it’s natural. I love looking at my best friend’s paintings and writing about it. How she comes up with the pictures on a canvas is far beyond my comprehension. I can see it, smell it, feel it, and fully pretend it is on the paper in front of me, but when it comes time to bringing the picture to life, it shows up in words.

I am very different. I love spirits and ghosts. I love to have my palms read. I love to drink wine and watch movies on my couch. I like to have friends over for dinner, even though they never come. I like to listen to LDS Conferences, but have no desire to be apart of the religion. I like to meditate and have my thoughts to myself and then go out with 10 friends, dancing. I like to eat Big Macs or drink a Chai after a big workout, just because I can.



I am learning to live by my own standards. I am mending my yin (Zynnia) and yang (Ashlyn) together. I feel powerful. I feel confident. I feel intelligent. I feel creative. I feel like a leader. I am in a constant state of eudemonia. I feel comfortable saying, “No” to something I don’t like. I feel comfortable giving my opinion. I feel better when I can make a decision quickly. I no longer like to procrastinate and be unprepared. Being late has become a new pet peeve of mine. I talk less, but say more important things. I am much more inquisitive and charming. I am less fearless. I am learning how to <a href=”http://planetzynnia.com/?p=183“>control my emotions</a> and take a stand for my actions and what I believe to be right.

China has been the self-discovering journey that I have longed for, for so long. I couldn’t be more thankful that I have the chance to be here and to be selfless and in turn, find out who I am. What I like. What I want. What I stand for. I think many people go through life, never being fully in touch with themselves. They go with the flow, go with the norm, swim with the rest of the fish in the sea. Ever since I was little, my mom has always said, “If we were all the same, we would be eating at Taco Bell.” I guess you could say, this phrase helped mold me. Or break the mold I was in.


It’s important sometimes to break rules. Sneak out. Keep a secret for yourself. Do something dangerous. If the sign says “No Trespassing” GO. Just once. Throw yourself out there. Say hi to a stranger. Go skinny dipping. Kiss a stranger in a different country. Skip church and sleep in the park, gazing at the clouds. Meditate for hours. INDULGE. Vent, scream, throw something if you have to. LET IT OUT! Cry. Give a bum some money. Tell a bum to work for it. Stay out past curfew. LIVE. Take a road trip just to eat at a restaurant in a different state. Tell your parents you believe something different. Cut off your locks just to grow it back out. Go out with no makeup on, if you dare. Get a Brazilian wax.


Find your real passion. Find your real you.
Make your own paradise and live in it. Respect yourself for making it. Depend on yourself for keeping it. And never, EVER, let anyone think they have the power to take it away from you.