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Ditching the Daily Routine for Vacation


I recently got back from an eight day trip to my home-state, visiting family and friends, and watching two soccer games. It was amazing to see everyone I did, although, there is never enough time in the World to see everyone, because there is a huge list of people I still would have absolutely loved to see.

Going all around Salt Lake, laughing, seeing friends, hanging out with family, eating and making some great memories; I was lucky to have gotten the chance to run, walk, ride my bike one last time, and hike.

What I didn’t do however was: finish my plank challenge, squat circuit challenge, drink nearly enough water, read any of my book, or write in my diary once.

If it wasn’t for the cardio I did everyday, I would have completely disregarded my entire fitness and nutrition routine. There is no excuse why I didn’t write, read, or drink water.

That brings me to our topic today.
What is it about vacations that influence us to go off our routine almost entirely?

 For the majority of us, something happens to us when we start moving in the sight of vacation. Our lazy alter-ego takes over and prevails in our convincing that we don’t need to worry because we are on vacation. As if for the entire time we are away from home, our bodies won’t store a single cell of fatty tissue and our other fulfillments will take care of themselves, while we pretend like our being is on a real break from life.

That’s when it happens. We selectively forget that a good diet keeps us balanced and happy because… that brownie just looks way too good. We don’t want to pay for x amount of days at the local gym because to us, it’s just not worth it and for some reason, we don’t even consider a home workout or jogging outside. There’s more than necessary excuses as to why we can’t do a home workout other than, “I am here on vacation. I don’t want to work. I don’t want to think. I just want to relax”.

We push our routine away from us. We deny the voice inside that says, “Hey… You know you should be getting in some form of exercise right now. You know you will regret this if you don’t.”

Then we wonder why we feel like a bag of sand when we get back home to our bed. We unload our bags, put away our souvenirs and look in the mirror in disgust. “I don’t think I stopped eating the entire time.” Where does the “I’M FULL!” signal go when we forget our routine? Down with the hobbies and the email checking and appropriate water intake.


 Falling off my daily routine wagon confused my body, my mind, and my motivation. Only today, I started my routine again. I woke up early and got fresh and clean. I sang happy birthday to my boyfriend with candles on his favorite treat and got ready for work. I am off this afternoon and looking forward to the workout I have planned for myself as well as my dog while my Birthday Hunk is down at work for the big match today. I have been spending the last three days catching up in my diary as well as keeping track of any new events or thoughts that have passed since the days, to add them in as well. I unpacked my bags and did all the laundry in the house and cleaned and swept and today is the first day where my “vacation brain” is woken up. Cogs are turning again! I thank my boyfriend for taking on the role of permanent accountabilibuddy, because without him, getting back into my routine would be challenging against myself.

So when you recognize where you’ve fallen off your wagon, what steps do you take to get back on?

Where do you turn? Who do you turn to? How do you keep yourself inspired?


This is something we could print off and keep with us on our travels! I found this on google, and as what I’ve learned from it, other than being one of the more popular searches for “Getting back on Track” in the images section, this list of 10 is one of the most reposted, redesigned piece of advice for people. Why? 

Because it works.

When you don’t know where to turn to get back on track, start with the mirror.
Talking to ourselves in the mirror is extremely powerful. When we can visit with ourselves in the mirror and remind ourselves how far we’ve come on our health and our hobbies, it is the fire starter we need to push our spirits into the path of greatness!

Don’t get stuck with “vacation brain” and let yourself sink into a slump of laziness. Don’t be so disappointed with yourself that your bad week turns into a bad month. You worked so hard for what you have accomplished and now isn’t the time to deny that! (Is there ever a good time to deny that?)  And don’t ever be afraid to call upon your trusted accountabilibuddies!! That’s what they are there for. To reinvigorate the spark for your fire and help you see what you love the most. They are there to remember your why when you forget it.

We aren’t perfect beings, but we can do our best everyday to keep doing what makes us happy. And after all is said and done, happiness is the closest to perfection as the “perfect” illusion can get. And if you’re happy, then that’s good enough.

 So when you ditch your routine while you vacation and you come back home and the Real World life sets back in, don’t freak out and don’t lose hope and everything else you worked for! Remember why you made your routine, a routine in the first place, and go from there. Use your resources and take some time to zen and think, and even consider if your vacation is one that inspired you to change your routine. (because sometimes that happens too)

Stay strong! Keep the inspiration up and the doubt low! It’s okay to take full blown vacation, but settling back into a routine is not only comforting, but necessary for our sanity 😉

Have any other suggestions on how to get back into your daily regimen? Post your thoughts and comments in the section below and thanks for getting involved! Your words matter 🙂 


First Dream Analysis!

Current Location: The Big Red Couch
Current Mood: surprised/floored
Current Music: Lupe Fiasco – Fighter

I just fell asleep on my couch while I was writing in my diary. I have been seeing this boy who is utterly amazing. One Saturday night when I was sleeping at his house, he told me, “I Love you.”
We all know what those words feel like when we hear them for the first time. My brain vibrated the way it does when I was frying off acid (which is indeed one of the best feelings in the world, it’s the feeling you get before you start to hallucinate) which is exactly what I love about it. My body tingled from my scalp to the tips of my toes and every space in between. He said it looked like I was going to cry, but it’s because my face went numb and couldn’t hold an expression. My mouth was open, I was smiling. I haven’t had these emotions for over four years. I never thought I would feel about someone they way I do about him. He said it didn’t matter whether I said it back or not, because he knew I felt it. And I did. I felt it before he ever had to say it. I’m glad he said it first.
As amazing as it is, it is also the most terrifying thing to do. To use the word without throwing it around. To use it in all seriousness. He is a lot stronger than I am, and probably a lot better at this than I am. But I feel it and I love it. I love him and care about him more than I should. More than we both should. But there has never been any rules on time limits.

So tonight, I had this dream, at the beginning I thought it was a nightmare. It was one of the scariest dreams. I don’t remember the last time I was dreaming and thought to myself, “I’m fucking scared right now.” I don’t have nightmares. I always have good dreams. If not good, they are only weird and unusual.
So here is goes:

I was with a little girl and a little boy playing on a playground. It seemed bright and sunny outside, but there were glorious, dark clouds coming in from the east. The little girl and boy were close, and playing tag. He was chasing her and she was smiling. He tagged her a little too hard and she fell, breaking both wrists on the spot. She was more angry and emotionless than letting tears spill down her face; I remember holding her and comforting her. The little boy ran away and she just stared softly at him as he never turned his head back to look at her.
It flash forwarded to a scene with me, my current age, biking home. I bike everywhere in real life, so the fact that I couldn’t keep my balance on my bike now was disturbingly disappointing. Every time I got up, I tipped over. I couldn’t peddle right and I couldn’t manage the balance between the tires and my own ass on the seat.
“No, no, no! Please don’t do this bike!” I screamed as I tumbled down, to the right where broken cement fell 4 feet beneath me. Only four feet down and yet you couldn’t see the bottom. The fact I couldn’t see the bottom scared me more than the act of falling and scraping or breaking anything. As I fell, I wrapped my feet around the frame of my Trek mountain bike to keep it from going into the bottomless pit; grabbing a skull sized boulder of cement to lift my body back up, thanking God for the strong arms I have. Sweat ran down my face as I moaned and panted my way out of the debris and rubble.
As I came to the surface of the street I saw a black van stopping to the side of the road. The sliding passenger door flew open and two Mexican gentlemen came out and headed straight towards me. Although they gave off a harmless vibe, I couldn’t understand why they were coming towards me. I was untouched from the fall of my bike. I could barely bike away. He walked while I peddled as fast and hard as my body could manage, losing balance and picking myself back up all the way to my house. The big guy behind me managed to keep a solid and stable 3 foot distance to my back. I was panting and fear poured out of my face and my hands could no longer keep the grip on my bike from sweating so profusely.
I threw my bike to the side of my house, not even bothering to put it inside my sun-room. I slammed the door shut behind me, but when I tried to lock my doors, they refused to lock. The big guy sat outside my living room bay window and I closed the curtains. I sat on my house clutching my knees and starting to cry. I dialed Devan’s number with my shaking hands and begged him to please come over because someone was sitting outside of my house and wasn’t leaving. The curtains kept popping open. The unfamiliar face was standing with his back to my window, patiently waiting for something; for me. When the curtains would come open, he would only move his neck backwards to face me in the eye to make sure I was remembering he wasn’t leaving. Not even the shotgun in Devan’s hand scared him off. Devan’s shotgun wouldn’t work against this stranger’s power.
Nothing would work. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to shut it out. It was something about to become apart of my life.

As I analyzed the dream with my aunt, who is extremely sensitive to dreams and the sub-conscious part of the brain, what she said and helped me figure out nearly blew my own brains out of my head. Although it made me feel more secure and safe, I was terrified. Terrified to become cemented to a new feeling; a new lifestyle, after nearly four years of being independent and solitary.

The little girl and the little boy represents the first love I use to have when I was fifteen years old. I was a gymnast and have freakishly strong wrists. I can hold a lot, and when I held his hand, I held it like I never wanted to lose my grip. As if when I would detach our hands, I would lose him forever. After almost two years, he left me and I turned away from boys. Hating them. Hating myself. I built up walls and used guys the way I knew they used girls. We used each other and this lifestyle became comfortable for me, because I never had to worry about the pain from relationships and I still got what I wanted. Pleasure. Only along with pleasure, comes emotions and attachments. It hurt me worse, in the long run. Nobody can be that strong when it comes to fooling your own heart.
Losing my balance on my bike showed me that my life is no longer the same since I started seeing Devan. All of a sudden, we sleep in each others bed’s every night. He lets me take him to work and use his car. I help him with the gas tank. We cook dinners together and invite each other in every event in our lives. He tells me I’m pretty in every aspect of my life and I can’t ever have a frown around him. He has tried to get my attention for the last 9 months and I was oblivious to the fact. I never realized he cared about me longer than I knew what his favorite color was. My whole routine is different. My life has done a 180. After four years of worrying only about myself, I suddenly care about this stranger, so unfamiliar to me… something so new and exciting and, dare I say? Harmless. Which is who the big Mexican guy in my dream represented. Devan. Unfamiliar. Different. Dominant. Calmly aggressive and takes action. Why Mexican? Probably because it’s my heritage and the one thing I could picture and grasp in my imagination.
So who was Devan in my dream? My heart. This boy has unexpectedly filled my heart, and my heart holding the shotgun is my wall. I told myself I wouldn’t let another boy in for any reason. He hasn’t gone anywhere, just like the guy sitting calmly outside of my window. He has been patient. I cried in my dream because I’m secretly terrified. To hurt him and to be hurt by him. They say that everything good comes to an end, but I don’t want us to end.
When I shut the curtains, locked the door, and blasted the shotgun, and nothing happened, it’s because it doesn’t work on him. My conscious knows he’s good for me. My heart knows he is good for me. It would never shut something out that loves me and that couldn’t be beneficial to my life. Devan, in my dream, wasn’t going anywhere, standing outside my window. Just like in real life when he told me he wants to be in my life as long as I will let him.
It is the most amazing and terrifying feeling I have ever felt.

I dreamed out of my sub-conscious worry and through patience and effort and a lot of thought of ability, I have become comfortable with the results. I can’t tell the future, but this dream was definitely a good sign and reassures me that dreams tell you everything you need to know in life. Like when you love something.