Make It A “Me” Day

I’m sitting at trax reading all my favorite blogs, one by one on my Google Reader. The best blogs I know of (thus far) all in one place for my viewing pleasure. As I go through them, I star my favorites into a sub-category.

As I was just reading The Skool of Life, by one of my inspirations, Srinivas Rao, I thought to myself, “I should take one day and go through my list of favorite blogs. Re-read them. Re-amp my own fire.”
Because up until this point, I haven’t re-read a single starred post; completely destroying the whole point of the Favorite system.

On top of that idea, I decided, the day I do that, I will also pamper myself. Continue a book I’ve been reading. Take more time for the one I’m writing. Paint my nails. Relax.
That day, I’m going to make it a “me day”.

I’m been slackin on this day, myself. But I think we all deserve a day to ourselves. A day to not worry about our work life, our finances, or the news. We need a day to just “soak in a bath.” (or however you choose to spend it)

“Me” Days are important because they are a big part of our revitalization. They help us get it together. They can really help the motivational aspect of our lives as we take that day to remember what’s important to us, where our priorities lie, and what exactly we’re doing in life.

They help the moms feel individualized again. They decrease the stress in lives of workaholics world-wide. The help the crazed feel beautiful again. They help the men and woman in relationships focus on themselves again.

I guess you could say they are a fantasy day. And hey, whatever you want to name your “me time” is up to you. Name it whatever gets you excited for it!

As we go through life, we tend to get so caught up in the outside world. We worry about traffic, bills, other people’s problems. We complain about simple things. We look at the beauty of it all less, and stare into a black oblivion more. We forget about ourselves. What makes us go, what makes us feel great inside and out. We let things slide.

Well not anymore! You owe it to yourself to make a day, right now. Make one day, once a week, to dedicate to yourself. Drink some wine, relax, and do what YOU WANT.
Not what you need.

Have you been letting your hobbies wither? Have you forgotten about some passions in life? Have you been thinking about something lately that you just have an urge to do?

If the answer is yes to any of these, then today is the day my friend! Go spoil yourself. Make it your day and wash your worries away 😉

Amy Hewitt
Amy Hewitt

Wow! Great job! You have a way with words!


Awwww thank you pookie! I am really really happy you've read it and once I get the subscribe option up, I hope to see you on the list :)