Just Do It.

We have all seen their shirts and heard the words.
But how many of us have really thought about the message that Nike is telling us? When you hear the famous phrase, “JUST DO IT” what do you think about? 

I have personally taken this phrase into every action of my daily life.

When I don’t want to wake up in the mornings, just do it.
When I am dreading the many errands I have to run on my bicycle in the middle of the afternoon, just do it. 
When I think about exercising, just do it. 
And especially when I start a project I’m proud of and other people have a negative opinion on it. I JUST DO IT.

There will always be someone down your path of success who will tell you that your dream isn’t good enough. That you won’t accomplish it. They will tear you down as much as possible. Their negativity will come into your world if you let it. A negative influence from somebody else is enough to stop you in your tracks from getting what you what out of life. You can’t runaway from them, but you can prevent more from coming in your life.

Sometimes your dreams may be out of this world. Inventing something no one has thought of before, starting up a company of old collections, or even just having a goat farm. It can be anything! But if it’s important to you NOBODY should have the influence to stop you.

I read a post the other day from TheChangeBlog.com of 11 Habits of Highly Successful Dreamers. The number 10 habit was “Successful dreamers seek out healthy support from others.” If you think you know what I am about to tell you, you might be right.

It’s time to cut the fat.

If you have negativity surrounding you and your bright, innovative ideas; you need to get rid of the negativity. You need to stand up and say, “Hey! This is my dream and if you have nothing encouraging to say about it, you can take your negativity somewhere else.”
Sometimes, you just need to stick it to the man!

Sometimes, we will fail. If that happens, we just pick ourselves up and try again. We take that as a learning curve, something to build on and improve on. We don’t fail from fear. That is where I draw the line. We don’t let the other person win and bring us down with them. That is just unacceptable. You need to remember that it’s not your fault if the person bringing you down is not accomplishing what they set out for. It’s not your fault that they are not working towards their dream or progressing in their life. That is not your fault and you should not be held accountable.

“Your dream is lame.”
“Nobody will come to your event.”
“That’s a stupid idea, you shouldn’t do it.”
“You are wasting your time.”


You deserve your dream. You deserve the excitement it brings you and the payoff from the hard work. You deserve being around the people who cheer you on and raise you higher for it. You deserve people believing in your dream as much as you do.

So take a seat and ask yourself some questions that maybe you haven’t confronted to yourself yet.

Am I getting the support I deserve from others?
Are there people around me giving me negative feedback?
Am I letting others influence the direction of my dreams and desires?
Am I letting fear get in my way on my path?

If the answers you’re getting aren’t the answers you were looking for, then you have exactly what you need. You need to go through and find where the negativity is coming from. Once you have pinpointed the negative surge, you need to pour water on it. Take it out. Let it go. And allow more positive energy to come into your life. Unless you take out the bad, there will be no room for the good to settle in comfortably.

Sometimes, you don’t want to tell that person, “Sayonara!”
You’re friends, you have history, but they haven’t exactly made you feel the best when it comes down to the heart-to-hearts. It’s clear you two are on different paths. You need to separate yourself from them and get around people who share a passion for success like you do. Successful Dreamers who are around other Successful Dreamers, together become Successful People. In the long run, getting rid of the negativity will make a big impact on you, almost immediately. The sun will be brighter, you will be happier, and your vision will become more real.

It can be hard to ignore someone’s influence. Don’t take this the wrong way though, make sure you know how they are putting their words. Sometimes, they can be giving you legitimate advice, forcing you to not get so caught up in the dream that you don’t look at both sides. Looking at both sides openly is a smart thing to do. You must analyze all your options and challenges you may face on your path. You must figure out how you will overcome these obstacles and give yourself the right option. That is a smart friend who is only looking out for you.

It’s the people who give no suggestion and no advice. It’s the people who laugh in your face. It’s the people who intentionally create the fear to stop you from gaining your happiness. There is no need to defend yourself to these people or give them any sort of explanation. You don’t owe it to them and it probably won’t change their opinion. You will want to give them the “I’ll show them” attitude. But you know what? Don’t even give them that.

Whatever your dream is, do it for yourself. Do it because it makes you excited to think about it. Do it because it ignites that fire inside of you. Do it because it will make you happy. Pump yourself up, encourage yourself and surround yourself with other encouraging, happy, driven people. Follow your dream no matter how crazy it is.

If it makes you happy and it’s important to you: JUST DO IT!


"Just Do Me" is what it should be gashlyn.


I love this. Great writing. It sounded professional. :)