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You know, I always try to see the good in people, but how can a person feel so good of themselves when they speak freely of damaging someone else’s life for no reason?

Last night at work, Kami, another door girl, started complaining how she is getting a knee surgery this week from a car accident she got into one year ago. She was calling her parents, cursing at them, demanding to know when she is going to receive her crutches. She walks fine, by the way. Just so we’re all clear. She has no problems with walking and none of us in the building have ever heard her complain before this day about her knee. In fact, she jumps around and climbs the ladder in the stock room with no problem at all. It struck everyone by surprise, actually. She started rambling off about how she was going to have to pay for he surgery out of pocket because the insurance won’t cover it.

“Hmmm… well that’s weird. You’d think they would, considering you were the victim of an accident… What is their reasoning?” I asked her.

“They said that it after looking at the doctor notes and papers from when I went in after the accident that it was only a minor injury with bruising and if I still wanted the surgery done, it was strictly voluntary and I would have to pay for it myself.” As she crossed her arms and let out a pout.

I was thinking she was doing it just so she could get doped up on some sweet pain killers, but no! She was just doing it to sacrifice her getting more money when SHE SUES THE PEOPLE FOR EVERYTHING THEY HAVE!!!! She openly admits to this with no problem. In fact, this is her 4th suing she has done to somebody in the last 3 years. (Boys, you know where to find your sugar mama.)

“So, even though this guy fixed your car after the accident, you are still going to sue him for a surgery that you don’t even need? Did he cause you mental damage? Are one of your lungs broken from the accident? Do you still have all ten fingers and toes? Are you still healthy? What exactly did this guy do to you to make you want to take all his money, besides the fact that you have a good lawyer?” I demanded to know. After all, it became my business after the 30 minutes of listening her to tell me about it.
NEWS FLASH KAMI: Not only do I not already like you, but this gives you absolutely NO respectable credibility at all.

When you come from a wealthy, well-off family; what is your justification? I tried to bite my tongue as hard as I could after that. Do people these days think they are born with the grace of others? Is a minor car accident that important to take somebody’s life and put them into debt? No wonder America is in so much debt to each other. We have made civil court a hobby. Did you know that if you go out to a Walgreens, for example, and you buy the new electric blue nail polish you’ve been dreaming of and you go home and put it on and it paints a pale blue on your nail, you can actually sue the nail polish company for False Advertising? Yeah, that’s a real thing! You can sue a stranger if you really wanted to for their dog going potty on your lawn. OUCH! Poor pup….. I wanna know the reasons behind these? Are lawyers getting desperate for money? If so, is it very reputable for them to take these cases, or does it just make them an asshole, too?

Regardless of which side you stand on, no matter if you are an asshole or a innocent grandfather, if you put yourself in the “sue-ee’s” shoes, how would that make you feel? Blindsided? When is enough, enough? When do people in conflicts feel satisfaction, if ever? Some people just like causing pain. I wanna know how they sleep at night.

I hate looking at her smirk right now as she is still talking about this.
Some people need to be smacked upside their head.