August 2015

The Windy Road of Dreams and Obtainment of Accomplishments

We all want what we don’t have. We hunger over something for so long, but once we obtain the treasure, the chase is over and our eyes are fixated on something new.

Being able to appreciate what you have without desiring what’s on the other side of the fence is something that most people can’t do for too long after they’ve fought so hard to get what it is they wanted in the first place.

Most of us self sabotage ourselves out of fear and denial of bad habits we refuse to fix; thinking neither of those are a component to dream chasing. We hear from family and friends, “You can do anything you want,” in one sentence and the next moment they are telling us, “That is far-fetched. You won’t be able to get there, but you can still be successful. Why don’t you just do x, y, and z?”



Why are we unable to become a traveling nutritionist for a rock band or do surf yoga with Beyonce or become a worldwide published writer with our book written in 20 languages? Who said that we are forbidden from ever obtaining a million dollars or a pony or going into an ocean plunge full of feeding sharks in a steel tank?

People who are afraid of their own dreams – THAT’S who said we can’t. People who doubt their own abilities have a certain level of incapability to believe in other people. The ones who never tried everything possible to obtain their dream are the same ones telling you whatever it is you want is “too much work”. Unfortunately, they are the broken spirits who allowed themselves to believe the opinions of others that they would only get so far before they’d have to just ‘be happy’ with a settling plateau.

So, why bother?

You should be asking yourself, WHY NOT BOTHER? If someone out there is doing what you want to do then clearly, it’s obtainable. If you sold lemonade as a kid, then you already know you can produce a product and sell it to the public. If you have kept a diary your whole life and love to write, then you already know you have the ability to publish your writing. If you have taken pictures that people oogle at on social media and your photo albums, then you already know you can make art and show it to the World.

We have already done thousands, if not millions, of little things everyday that prove we have what it takes turn any dream, as tiny or far-fetched as we want, into reality.

Your first clue should be this: “I doubt I can make any money doing that” or “I doubt anyone would use this or like this or want this” or “That is so expensive, I won’t ever be able to buy/afford that” <—- those statements right there… do you see what’s happening?! When you have those thoughts, you are giving volume to the doubting mind. Your Inner Truth always knows what is real and what is fake and it’s there to help you stay on the life path you created before you were even born, believe it or not. The inspiration for the thought is really “People will love this and I am the one to create this and show it to the World” and “I can absolutely make the funds I need to in order to afford x, y, and z. It will take time and I have the patience for it. It is already mine and I’m just making room in my life so when it arrives, it will be perfect.”

We are just silly humans who make everything much more complicated than it needs to be and have made an evolutionary bad habit of creating our own disappointments and then exercising our audacity, pointing the finger as to why we haven’t made it to where we want to be or have the things we want in life. 

You must always believe you will get what you want, and furthermore, you must recognize the goodness that has been laid in your lap when you receive it.  


You have come this far and had one image on your mind to fuel your fire, push you through darkness and haul you across valleys and over mountains so you could make that image become reality. All the while, you have proclaimed your love for it, your need for it, and your starvation without it. You have made it known that this is what completes you and makes you a whole. That moment comes where you obtain what you’ve been striving to get for so long. And suddenly…. you feel unsatisfied. You’re left feeling hungry for more.

It’s natural for us to keep wanting more, however the problem with this is when the process isn’t done in gradual patient steps, we start to resent the things we do have. We forget why we wanted the original thing all along! We begin to feel suffocated and irritated and bored to exhaustion just from looking at them. Whether it’s people, cars, furniture, or gadgets, we break our backs to get what we want and rarely have it long enough to fall in love with it.

You can’t truly appreciate success until you’ve hit the rock bottom in your financial world and you can’t truly appreciate good love until you’ve had heartbreak. You must truly appreciate what you have and cherish it for everything it is and everything it’s not, because if you disregard it all together, it will be taken from you one way or another. The Universe is a power not to be undermined in its ability to give and take gifts of our mortal desires.

“I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul.” 

-W.C. Henley


Why We Tell You to Drink Water and Why We Mean It


If you have ever had a massage, there are great chances you have heard your therapist inform you at the end to, “remember to drink a lot of water…” and then any other following homework they have for you.

Now, let’s be honest here. How many of you are actually listening to our recommendations when we tell you to drink water? How many of you are having less than 60 oz. for the rest of the  night? How many of you are drinking at least 80 oz. the next day? How many of you drinking beer or wine that same night as your massage?

Hopefully not as many of you as I am thinking.

To not take us seriously when you hear us giving our professional recommendations, is only going to hurt your own health and well-being in the end. You will feel like you got hit by a truck for the next two days and then blame the therapist for “not being good enough because they hurt you after you specifically asked to not be in pain”, and those toxins will relocate themselves in a different weak spot in your body. Your toxins that just got worked out won’t finish flushing through your system if you’re not drinking at least 80 oz. of water for the next 48 hours following a massage, regardless if it was a light Swedish, Deep Tissue, or a “go so deep I could cry” session.

Think of your body as a pumping system. You are 75% water. By the time you are licking your lips – you are dehydrated. By the time you think, “I’m hungry” – you are dehydrated. And by the time you are drinking water – you are dehydrated. And when you are dehydrated, your pumping system gets full of stagnant, gloppy, sludge – trudging through your system, feeding your muscles and feeding your bloodstream with all that toxicity. The average recommendation of daily water intake is eight 8 oz. glasses. That is 640z. of life source your body needs to preform at an average functionality. If you are an active person, you better be hiking that number up. The more active – the more water. There’s no way around it. To drink less than that a day is internal body suicide. It’s selfish and ignorant to do so if you plan on having a long and healthy life.

When you listen to us and you are drinking a lot of water in the following 48 hours of your massage, you are creating a tsunami of rejuvenation and revitalization inside your vessel. You know those Draino commercials where it shows the clogged pipe first and then it shows the Draino being poured down the sink and it whooshes out the gunk leaving the drain sparkling and like-new? That’s what you are allowing your body when you are not just drinking water on a daily basis, but flushing your system out with extra water intake after a massage. All that gunk is JUST WHOOSHING right out of you! So stay close to a bathroom and keep some Kleenex near by, because your body is SICK AND TIRED of holding onto those toxins! And you should be, too!

It’s a simple process and one you should be excited to do. We are moving onward to a healthier mindset all across America. Health is the new black, but water has always been and always will be, in style. So drink it all the time! Make that your main drink, your drink of choice, and your favorite drink. Allow yourself to fall in love with water all over again and take it upon yourself to drink it on a daily basis, so when you do get a massage you can smile and say, “I can definitely do that.” and finish your complimentary water before you even leave the studio!


I hope this has helped! There will be more to come about good tips and tricks for your health, home remedies, and fun facts you probably never knew about small things before pertaining to your health. If you have any suggestions you want to hear about or are curious about, leave a comment below and I will make sure to write about it!

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