December 2014

Call Me Unorthodox, But…

I am going to do something that may or may not be “accepted” in the blog posting World, but I think that if I tell y’all ahead of time, no harm done. Right?

First off, I would like to announce that I have bought a new computer after getting the news that my Asus laptop was indeed, dead beyond life-saving capabilities. So long all you amazing articles, 5 chapters of my first novel, and pictures and videos. You treated me well and I am sad to see you go……. I wish I could have saved you 🙁

But we move on, because if there was a fire I wouldn’t get the items back anyway, right?

Over the period of the next month I will be adding in pages and blogs I wrote and kept from a notebook while I was computer-less. Why couldn’t I just take the notebook to a library and post my blogs there, you ask? Well it’s simple….. abusive relationships do that people… they put them in a state of fear that if anything is done, the abuser will find out and get mad and abuse more. So the victim plays it safe. It has been some time now since I got out of that dangerous and destructive situation and now I am ready to publish all my back-posts.


Keep in touch everyone and I will be updating shortly!

Thank you for being with me as I took a year hiatus..