September 2012

Squat September is here!

This is going to be more or less of a short post today.

I just wanted to announce that Squat September is finally here!

You know what that means?
Squat challenge, everyday! Adding five more to the amount you did the previous day.

My favorite kind of 30 day challenges are the working out kind.

So they suggest to keep notes and thoughts during this workout. I figured this will be interesting to do because of my fractured foot. I managed to start off the challenge with fifty squats. Of course, any other workouts are welcome (as well as encouraged) in addition.

How weird that my sister sent me the picture for the challenge just seconds after I was looking in the mirror saying to myself, “Okay. Now it’s time to get down to business, lady!”

The power of the law of attraction.

So this month, follow with me on my journey and hopefully through my challenge you will find that you are not alone on the journey to success and conquering 😉