April 2012

Floating Platform

It’s time to let you go.
I need to let you go.
I must let you go.

I have ridden this ride too many times to know that at the end, it comes to a jerking halt leaving you with whiplash to walk around with the rest of the day while you try to enjoy the sights of the park.
But all you can think about is the ache in the back of your head from that last stop.
And you tell yourself every time that you won’t get on that ride again….
But it’s your favorite one in the park.
It’s the big colorful one, with the most loops, the fastest speed, and when it irks its way, slowly, to the top, it has the best view.
You can see everything from there…. The entire park, the city, the scenery off in the distance.
Why do you want to lose that sight?

I am too young to feel this old.

I am too captivated by my new world to worry about you being half a world away.
I am too important to feel lowered by your carelessness.
I have too much on my plate to think about taking a drink from your wine glass.
I am too in love with 113 students to be unloved by one person.
I am too tired of trying to get your attention, to need your attention anymore.

The time has come to say Good Luck.
I am not the one for you.
You are not the one for me.
Our satisfaction levels have a vast space separating the boundaries.
And frankly, it’s just too far for me to jump in hopes of landing safely on your side,
When I don’t want to leave my side in the first place.
But I know you remain unwilling to jump to mine.

So, I blasted my rock to a new level.
I built my own park.
I designed a ride with no loops.
It shoots straight up into zero gravity.
And once it flies off track, you steer to your paradise.
It’s a one time ride, because you move in your way.
You take your ride and find your perfect platform.