January 2012

30 Day Challenge – TED Talks

One of the beautiful things I picked up on from my ex boyfriend, was the greatness of a 30 Day Challenge. You can learn something new in that time, develop a new habit, break an old habit, or even make a complete lifestyle change – in thirty days. It was truly amazing. Back in September when he would tell me of his past challenges, my mind was boggled! I thought immediately of a list of things I both wanted to do and wanted to stop doing.

So, I joined the 30 Day Challenge train and have been doing them since. I boosted my self-confidence with running two miles everyday and found out I love exercising more than I thought I did. I stopped wearing make-up for 30 days and realized, appearence doesn’t matter as much as people think. I actually think I got hit on more and got asked out on dates more, than when I went out with make-up. That was pretty interesting.

My latest challenge was watching one TED Talk everyday and writing down notes on that talk. For those of you who have never heard of a TED Talk, it stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. “Ideas Worth Spreading” is their motto and let me tell you, those ideas are worth spreading. You can pick from different themes, depending on your mood. You can select from a list of speakers if you have a particular favorite in mind, or you can just click on the latest one uploaded.
I found myself picking talks that I knew nothing about, pickinb subjects I didn’t necessarily believe in myself, but it was about opening up my mind. Listening to another point of view. Seeing things from a different perspective.

Now, for every challenge, I ask myself a small list of questions afterwards, such as, “Did you learn anything about yourself in the last thirty days?”
“How has this challenge impacted or changed your life?”
“Is this something that you will continue to do everyday or even weekly? Has it made a permanent way into your life?”
“What was your favorite part about the challenge?”
“what was your least favorite part?”
Questions to make me think and giving myself a chance to be honest with them. There are so many questions you can come up with.

To answer, I learned that not only can I take myself seriously, but so can other people. If I’m discussing a particular subject with friends or family, I can mention a talk I listened to about it and give credit to the speaker, list facts, and even the research I’ve done on it. It has made me care more about the meaning of life. My purpose in life. It has made me more comfortable being me, and making myself happy. I can keep conversations going, I am developing opinions  and flexible opinions, at that. I am more open minded to other’s way of thinking. I am more willing to admit I am wrong about something and praise them for showing me something new, teaching me.
I will definitely continue on listening to a TED talk everyday. I can’t promise with notes, however I thought it was a great idea to take notes, as it helps me remember the talk more concretely. I has made it’s way into ky life because the ideas never stop, the talks will go on forever. There will always be something to learn, something to share, and something to be truly touched by and inspired from.
My favorite part of the challenge was having my mind expanded, my expectations lowered, and my heart more humbled. I’ve been surprisingly more patient, more kind, and know a little bit more specifically of what I want out of life.
My least favorite part was carrying this notebooks on all the trips out of town I have made 😉
I had to make sure I didn’t forget it! Before partying, I sat in the living room of where we were at and I did my talk before joining. If we were extremely exhausted, I did a talk before I went to bed. It did not matter if my eyes were rolling in the back of my head or not.
It taught me discipline. Which is actually, a universal lesson I have been learning from my past challenges as well.

Doing a 30 Day Challenge has so many great benefits! You can learn so many things about yourself. You can give yourself the opportunity to expand and grow an d. progress in one way or another. All it takes is your wanting to do so! Isn’t there one thing you have been wanting to learn? Something you have always had the interest in trying? Something you want to do not so much anymore?
Baby steps are better than standing still.
So my question to you is,

Start your challenge, now.


Don’t Lose Your Spirit!

So I’m sitting at the library today, down in Provo Utah and I’m waiting for my mom to come pick me up. I start thinking about how long I haven’t written a new post in quite some time, and I started feeling disappointed in myself!

As I read more blogs, I couldn’t help but start to think, “mine has to be like that. Why isn’t mine like that?”
I realized, they don’t HAVE to look like a magazine print-out or sound extremely intellectual, or even always have meaning. I’m not that way 100% of the
time, so why should my blogs be? That would be lying to myself.

I think sometimes we as people, lose our spirit when put into a higher situation- me for example, had all sorts of posts on my livejournal. I knew nobody looked at it, I didn’t really care if anybody looked at it, but seeing my own posts made me smile. I liked writing in them wherever I was at the moment. Now that I have my own blog website, I have this weird feeling of “oh, this post won’t be interesting enough” or “this post won’t have great meaning”

But half the reason I love my own writing is because I use my freedom to say and type how I want!
The secret is to finding the style of writing you are most comfortable doing. I still read my inspiring, empowering, and personal development blogs everyday. Now, I have no comparison. They are amazing writers, also with much more practice and experience than I have. I understand that that’s okay. My blogs will always be a little random, a little chaotic. Some will have pictures, some won’t. Some might swear, some might make you laugh. Hell, I don’t need to warn you or prepare you.

The point is, be who you are, always. Love where you are at, and don’t change your personality for anything.

Comparisons will always put you down, stay away from those! They are only those nasty words in your head telling you that you aren’t good enough, one way or another. YOU ARE!

You always have the ability to be great.

Don’t ever lie to yourself. Be open to your own way and put your personality into whatever you do, whether it’s writing blogs or painting art. Make it YOURS! It will be much more respectable and much more appreciated seeing that it came from the heart.

If you have writer’s block (or artist’s block whether it be painting or musical or anything of passion) START SOMEWHERE!!! Doesn’t matter where! When I started writing this ten minutes ago, I had no idea I would be typing what I am now. But here I am, listing ways for you to never lose your spirit.

Use me as an example. Don’t let your passion die. It will be a bigger regret than eating that entire bag of potato chips you had last night 😉