November 2011

The Little Things

It’s 5:27am right now on Saturday morning. I left my house early because I planned on taking the trax, but as I was walking outside and getting on my bike, the weather felt so great! It’s the middle of november and halfway through the Fall season, and this morning feels a bit like summer.

It’s calm and peaceful outside, instead of the usual bitter and ice feeling. So I decided, screw trax, I’m gonna bike to work this morning. My first stop of the way: the downtown library.
Nobody will ever know what exactly this library does for me. I have so much love for this place. I miss coming here everyday and doing my homework. Checking out books, getting on my computer, or writing in my diary. This place was my sanctuary, and now I seldom visit. I feel I have neglected a friend. This place brings me so many warm emotions, that just looking inside from the outside coin pond makes me feel at home. I want to be here more. I should be here more.

It’s 5:47am now, and I’m lying on my back, on the bench outside of work. I couldn’t help but feel the best emotions on my entire bike ride here. As I passed through the city, memories flooded me, the atmosphere swollowed me whole, and refuses to spit me out. I can’t get over how much I absolutely love this city of Salt Lake. Sometimes I wonder where I’ll live when I get back from China and then I say: duh. Downtown. This city has my heart and I definitely don’t mind staying here for the next three years to do school. Will I ever move? Probably, yeah. Because I thirst for experience and adventure. But Salt Lake has me wrapped around it’s little big town fingers.

I can’t stop thinking about how great this year has been to me. And how grateful I am we’ve had amazing weather so far. This year I have changed my whole life around and will continue to grow and progress. I’ve done more this one year so far than I have ever accomplished. I have met amazing new people, got myself back in school, grew a love for working out, was saved by religion. When I look back this year and reflect on life, there are some things that definitely could have gone a lot better than they did, but for the most part, I am satisfied (:

So which is why I ask, are you satisified with what you did and you became in 2011? Was there any missing goals? Any new fire-inspiring ideas? How did 2011 jumpstart you for the upcoming year?

Little Visitor: Big Legacy

So this morning, around 9am at work, as I am sorting and folding panties at the panty bar, one of my manager’s, Jen, lets out a blood curling shriek from the back. I dropped the cotton hiphugger in place and my eyes widened when I heard, “There’s a mouse in the office!!!!”

I immediately turned and ran through the intimates room, the beauty room, and into the back office area and exclaimed, “I will do it! I will catch the mouse! Don’t kill it!” as I looked down and saw the broom standing next to the door. Jen and Alex both awaited outside the office door and gave me my time to catch this little mystery rodent…. if there was one. I thought to myself, “Maybe Jen is just losing it a little bit. Can there really be a mouse in here? How often do you really hear about that?”

But I looked around the office anyway, carefully watching my step. My heart would snap at the same moment’s of the mouse’s if I didn’t watch my foot placement. There was no mouse in the box of manila folders. There was no mouse behind the paperwork desk. There was no mouse behind the stack of boxes and bags leaning against the wall in the corner of the doorway. I got on my hands and knees and really tried to think like a mouse – having three mice as pets and losing them in the house multiple times, you learn how to catch on to the tiny species. As I did this, a light pinged off in my head. The mouse has to be behind the computer desk!! Why? Because it’s warm from the computer tower working to stay on! Mice love warm places! And when your store backroom is as cold as ours, you will take all the heat you can, trust me. So I turned my back towards the small computer desk, lifted my foot up and gave a gentle donkey kick. Nothing. I did it again….

AND OUT CAME THE LITTLE MOUSE! Scurried across the linoleum floor, slipping on its little feet. It was tiny! A baby. I shrieked with fluster and my cheeks had a burn in them from the smile that slathered my lower part of the face. “Mouuuse!!!!!!!!!!!!” I was so excited. All I wanted to do was hold it and take it home with me and feed it crackers in a new cage with a nice wheel. (Note – don’t ever let a mouse lover, catch a mouse)

Both Jen and Alex, who had been sitting outside of the office this whole time jumped and yelled through the door, “Do you need some gloves or a bag?? Take this dust pan! Put the mouse in there!” I gladly took the gloves, after all, who knows if this mouse had any diseases? This poor critter had barely eaten, I’m sure.

“Come here mouseyyyy, I am not going to hurt you. I just want to play with you, you are so cute!” I was happily giving the mouse an opportunity to come back out from the hiding spot. I gave the desk another kick and as the mouse ran back out, I slammed my hands down, hoping to make a dome, but I forgot how fast they are! In the blink of an eye, it squoze its tiny body underneath the doorway and I gave out a warning. We started looking around the floor and the beauty backroom. The only two places it was heading towards. Alas, it was lost again.



Fast forward to 11:45. I am going on my mandatory thirty minute break. As I am enjoying myself, eating my Pepperoni Stromboli from Sbarro’s, I am missing out entirely on all the action going on downstairs. As the story follows, Sam, one of my co-workers, was sitting in the beauty backroom on his break, reading the new issue of Galmour Magazine, when he hears a faint scratching noise. When he sets the magazine down, he calmy sits and stares at our furry friend just sitting on the break table. Without a second thought or fast movement, he takes a clear plastic cup and gently sets it over the mouse and calls for Alex to come look at what he found. As if her scream wasn’t deafening enough, Jen runs in to see if her dream has come true. Low and behold, she screams with more intensity! Oh, how I wish I was there.


As of noon today, poor Gunther (which is what I would have named him if I got to catch and keep him) was set free outside to be with nature and his other homeless mice friends! All is well with the store and the energy at work is restored. I spent the rest of my shift day dreaming how nice it probably was for this small mouse to spend the night (and better half of the morning) inside of a glamorous store with warm smelling scents. It was probably such a nice vacation for it to get away from its regular life with starvation and stress. “Gunther” got to go somewhere unknown and experience something new, while getting the chance to live about it! It may be a mouse, but he/she leaves behind a great story: take a chance and dive into the unknown. It could be bad, it could be bad. It won’t last forever, but it will affect you now. Whether it’s positive or negative (in this case, not too sure how the mouse’s day ended) is yours to decide. Take a risk of something new, or live the rest of your life questioning the result if you had.



-The End.