May 2011

Why I’m on a different level…..


We are driving in the dark and I am high. I was looking out towards the sky around an hour ago and from my mind, I saw the as far as the eye could see with the floating layers of various clouds, shaped as an incredibly massive eagle, with wings flowing back into indivual feathers that reach northeast at what I could see as, Murray. I was looking from West Jordan. The eagle was facing East with a lunging, runner’s stance, with a fierce shot through his eyes.

Three miles down the road as Evan and I are standing in Cheltz’ driveway, I couldn’t help notice how many planes were coming in and out. It was extremely weird.

I was looking at the blank air and in all the thickness of the air and staring at the layers and layers of gasses and shapes. When I stare long enough, I see things in the clouds. Sometimes it moves like a picture, and sometimes I see it in real time, like a movie. I see people, objects, and different things moving, as if I am watching a slideshow and everyone of them is trying to communicate with me. What I saw is similar to what Simba sees in the sky at night when he looks up and see’s his father, Musfasa’s face.

I can’t tell if it’s just my eyes playing tricks on me, or me having an undeniably large amount of imagination, but I see this often, regardless of being high or not. I like my mini movies in the sky, whatever it is they mean.

I think I just saw an Angel..

Current Location: The Bush
Current Mood: thankfulthankful

I’m sitting at work and I am doing homework for a speech that is due tomorrow in class, when two customers walk through the door. I put down my book and they ask how much the cover is.
“Seven dollars,” I say, “But I’ll let you both in for the price of one if you wanna donate to my college fund.” I figured, hey, the economy needs to be helped out and it’s not like I’m spending it on drugs. I’m really serious about the college fund. Now at my job, I don’t make much tips. I get a dollar every so often from customers. So when I give White Hat Guy his $13 back, he puts his hand up and said, “No, you keep it.”
My jaw dropped a little bit because that was amount was totally unexpected. And to a door girl, that’s really awesome.
As the night has gone on, White Hat Guy came out for a cigarette. I was still sitting quietly, doing my homework at the desk. Five minutes go by and he walks back inside. He started asking me about my school and my major. After 10 minutes of talking, he looks me in the eye and smiles.
“Just promise me you’ll go to school and work hard.” And dropped a stack of twenty’s on my desk.

Now, call me corny if you will, but I couldn’t help what I did next. My eyes got big and round, my hands covered my mouth after a giant gasp, and I started producing tears that I forgot I had. (I hadn’t cried in a long time)
I thanked him a million times and sat there stunned. I couldn’t believe he just did that. All he said back was, “Hey, I’ve been there, too. It’s not easy. Just do good.” And he walked back inside the club.
It’s amazing to see the kindness other people have when you start to lose all faith in reality. I’m utterly touched and astonished at the goodness that comes out of people’s hearts. It does give me motivation to keep pushing to my goal and to make a better life for myself so that one day, I can help out someone working hard to make it through college.
That man may never know the impact he just made on me. And may never know that I will remember him, forever.